History of the Veteranencup

The Veteranencup exist since 1995 and is held once a year in Weiterstadt/Germany. Back in 1995 I thought it would be lots of fun to have the opportunity to race and meet friends from the good old BMX times. So I decided to organize an event and invite people that I have not seen for a long time.

This was the birth of the Veteranencup.

The Cup is a race for BMX'er who have not participated at an official BMX race for at least one year. The race has just one class for 20 and 24 inch bikes, males and females, germans and people from other countries. Every year a special T-shirt of the event is produced as a gift for each participant. People who make it up to the race final will get a number plate with the starting number for the next year ranked by their place in the final. And an extra price goes to three bmx guys with original oldschool bikes and clothes in the King-of-oldschool contest.

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